Hi I’m Lisa. Photographers are notorious at being rubbish when it comes to writing these sections so bear with me while I share some stuff about myself whilst squirming in my chair.

Here goes.. I’m a photographer, I’m guessing that you have worked that out by now but I have never really done anything else. If I ever had to do a CV it would be short and sweet.. left school, worked as a music industry photographer for 11 years, fell into doing weddings in 2000 and been loving doing that ever since.

Along the way, I’ve picked up some accolades including the first ever award given to a wedding photographer by the British Journal of Photography (a pretty big deal in my world!) and I started my own school, Photography Farm which aims to nurture and grow the minds of awesome photographers.

Some very lovely folk have asked me to talk about my work including B&H Photo in New York, Hasselblad in London and at the Photography Show in the NEC. I think my style is a bit left of centre, a bit alternative, a bit emotional. I’m about the love, the life & the little stories that happen when those two things are in the room.

I live in Brighton with one husband, two small blondes, two cats and a gypsy dog and the best present I ever got was a muppet that looks like me. To find out more about how I work, watch the first video.


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“I’m about the LOVE, the LIFE & the little stories that happen when those two things are in the room.”