Mirror Mirror Editorial Shoot | Rock n Roll Bride Magazine

Mirror Mirror Editorial Shoot | Rock n Roll Bride Magazine

It is a ridiculous amount of fun doing these shoots for Kat’s magazine, Rock n Roll Bride. The team are always so adorable to work with and when we come together, it’s a creative force. We all bring something different to the collaboration and it’s exciting to see the end results published in a print magazine, not just ending up online.

Charlie, our model for this one was deliberately chosen for her tattoos and the styling was very clean. So I knew that I wanted to keep the photography sharp and simple. The additional element of the mirrors meant doubling up the impact of everything and it was fun to play around with the reflections.


Cause with your hand in my hand and a POCKET FULL OF SOUL, I can tell you there’s no place we couldn’t go. Just put your hand on the glass, I’m here trying to pull you through …


Creative Director | Kat Williams

Stylist | Mr + Mrs Unique

MUA | Lou Seymour

Hair | Love Hair

Assistant | Sam Luck

Model | Charlotte at Bame

Location | The Brighton Studio

The George in Rye Wedding | Natasha + Dom

The George in Rye Wedding | Natasha + Dom

Entering the ancient town of Rye in Sussex is like stepping back in time. It is such a pretty and quaint place and if you decide to have your wedding at the Town Hall then you will announce to the world that you are married not by updating your status on Facebook but by the very loud bell and shouting of the local town cryer.

He will also noisily escort you and you guests down to the very beautiful George Hotel if that is where your reception is, just like Natasha and Dom. After a swift couple of champagnes, we headed for a stroll around those cobbled streets for some portraits before joining the party in the sunny hotel garden. This was a lovely laid back wedding.

When you’re lost and you’re alone and you can’t get back again, I will FIND YOU darling and I will bring you home …

North Hidden Barn Festival Wedding | Amanda + Rob

North Hidden Barn Festival Wedding | Amanda + Rob

This pair are big into music so when they got to planning their wedding, they decided to be inspired by their favourite music festivals and have a festival wedding at the gorgeous North Hidden Barn. A gem of a venue that lends itself so well to this style of wedding. Rob’s a brit and Amanda is from the US so the whole thing was a mash up of both cultures.

They went all out on the lighting, smoke machines and confetti canons, well the groom does put on events for a living and he had a heck of a lot of fun planning this one. He also surprised the bride with concert tickets to Jack White, Britney Spears AND The Beach Boys.. I mean c’mon!!! That boy is a keeper, right?

I may not always love you but long as there are STARS ABOVE you. You never need to doubt it, I’ll make you so sure about it …

Syon House, Syon Park London Wedding | Aoife + Ali

Syon House, Syon Park London Wedding | Aoife + Ali

True story, when Aoife and Ali first got in touch about their wedding at the wonderful Syon House in Syon Park, London, they asked me if I’d ever been there before. Yes but many, many moons ago and it was a photo shoot with Sir Cliff Richard. I remember him leaning off a balcony looking wistful.. Anyway, it was nice to be back as this is a truly magnificent venue. I spotted some wedding photos of the current owners on a side table with the actual Queen in them! Yes, it’s a helluva fancy place.

The bride and groom were super lovely and they know how to throw a mighty bash. After a beautiful and personal ceremony in the main house, we made use of the interiors for photos, including one of those super long galleries that were built for having a walk about in and a gossip after dinner. Then we all headed to the Great Conservatory for the reception. This was my favourite part, the light is gorgeous and the collection of botanics is very impressive. Who knew that’s what a cactus can grow to after a few hundred years?!

I’ve been all around the world, Marching to the beat of a different drum, But Just lately I have realised, MAYBE THE BEST is yet to come …

Cooling Castle Kent Wedding, Lauren + Miles

Cooling Castle Kent Wedding, Lauren + Miles

When you are just effortlessly cool, where on earth should you have your wedding? Well, how about Cooling Castle in Kent? See what I did there, eh? But it’s true, Lauren and Miles really are one heck of a stylish pair and had a wedding day that reflected their own brand of laid back elegance.

The groom is a South London boy who knows how to pose and the bride has a successful blog and big Insta following. So not too much pressure then! It was, of course a very gorgeous wedding with their beautiful children in centre stage. We even managed to get some decent weather despite the time of year.

Everybody stares as she goes by, Cause they can see the flame that’s in her eyes, Watch her as she’s lighting up the night …

Style Me Sunday Editorial | Rock n Roll Bride Magazine

Style Me Sunday Editorial | Rock n Roll Bride Magazine

My very favourite thing about Instagram is that individuals have just as much of a voice as big brands, if not more. It’s a platform that is fair in its distribution of exposure and equates engagement as its strongest currency. And I engage much more with real women living real lives above fantasy starlets faking it all. Also, I have huge admiration for women taking their social media platforms and using them to portray a positive and inclusive message.

So I was super thrilled to be asked by Rock n Roll Bride to shoot Natalie Lee aka Style Me Sunday, the body positive activist and influencer with almost 60k IG followers. Sadly, not many wedding magazines will put a girl in her 30s or a girl with an afro on the cover so it was incredible to see this shoot when it hit the racks. Thank goodness there are women like Natalie and Kat being active on social media. The shoot used simple pastel backgrounds, forward thinking styling and was a helluva lot of fun to work on.

When I was younger I never saw women like me on the covers of magazines …

Concept Kat Rock n Roll Bride

Styling Erica Mr and Mrs Unique with Alex The Bijou Bride

Hair Jo Love Hair

Make Up Louise Seymour

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