So many people that I work with tell me that they are worried about being awkward AF in their wedding photos.

The good news is that it really doesn’t have to be like that, I got together with my friend Kat Williams at Rock n Roll Bride to make a video packed full of tips on POSING IN YOUR WEDDING PHOTOS and we had a chat about BEING CONFIDENT IN FRONT OF A CAMERA …

Pour yourself a nice cuppa, relax and watch our video now.

Tips on Being Less Awkward In Your Wedding Photos

1. Stop thinking about being photographed. This is the main reason that we end up looking awkward – we are simply thinking about it too much. If you can just think about something/anything else you will immediately look less awkward.

2. Give your hands a job to do. We express ourselves as much with our hands as our faces and so when we feel awkward so do our hands. Again, stop thinking too much about your hands, just tuck them into a pocket or use them somehow and they will feel less weird.

3. Create angles. Straight on looks blocky and less visually interesting than throwing some angles in – literally create some shapes.

4. Move your face an inch closer to the camera – this creates a stronger jawline.

5. Practice being photographed – the more you do it, the easier you will find it.

6. Don’t put yourself down – nobody is more critical of you than yourself. So stop with the negative talk, instead focus on the parts that you do love.