When you get booked by a fellow wedding photographer, it’s both a compliment and maybe an added pressure. But I actually really like shooting photographers. We are the worst at having our photos done, we overthink it or we freeze. Most of us are way too comfortable hiding on the other side so I kind of relish the added challenge. I also love that no matter how experienced you might be shooting, you really cannot predict what the photographer is capturing.

Lel is also a Brighton based photographer and she is marrying John this weekend. So on the last day of 2015, we headed to the beach for their engagement shoot. Now I know it looks all sunny in the photos but believe me, it was utterly freezing and just about as windy as it can get. If you look closely, you can see the sea foam flying across us. But yeah, it was a lot of fun and the light is gorgeous. I’ve had a sneak peek at Lel’s dress and think this pair will be having one seriously stylish wedding.

Love me. love me, love me, say you do. Let me FLY AWAY with you, for my love is like the wind. And wild is the wind…

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