When Clair and Jesse first got in touch about their Brighton wedding, they told me that they owned an alternative toy shop. Well with two Smalls in the house I knew exactly where that was.. about five minutes from my house. Not only that, but they also live nearby in a beautiful house with a very pink door and rainbow stairs. So that is where I strolled to on the morning of their wedding where everyone was busy getting ready. In fact Clair started by making her own bouquet including hydrangeas from her front garden.


Their whole day had such a sense of fun and family to it, from the ceremony in The Council Chamber a Brighton Town Hall to their laid back reception in the cricket pavilion of my local park. Clair and her kids had really worked hard producing lots of toy inspired and brightly coloured little touches. I always think it is very lovely for children to take part in their parents’ wedding day and to have those memories. This day was eclectic, warm, emotional and utterly bursting at the seams with creativity and love. And it sure was nice to only have to stroll those five minutes home again.

But of all these friends and lovers there is no one that COMPARES WITH YOU. And these memories lose their meaning when I think of love as something new…

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