Sometimes I mentor other wedding photographers and one of the areas that they can struggle with most is directing couples. This is probably my favourite part, so I’m always happy to go out with a fellow photographer and help them find their mojo with it. I asked on my Facebook page for a couple who’d be happy to be shot for a recent mentor session and my sister in law Aisling messaged me saying would be weird for her and my husband’s brother Jon to do it. No weirder than it is with anyone, I replied. Let’s face it, hardly any of us love the process of being photographed and that’s why it can be challenging.


So I tried to forget that I already know quite a lot about these two and treated it like any other couple shoot. We headed to my local woods, where I walk the dog to see what we could come up. It was actually lovely to get to know more about their story, just hang out and create a set of images that reflect where they are at with their relationship right now. And that is all couple or engagement shoots need to be, nothing awkward, scary or a chore to be ticked off the wedding to-do list. Just hanging out with me, maybe climbing a tree and definitely  hugging.. quite a lot of hugging!

Dressed up to the eyes, it’s a wonderful surprise to see your shoes and your spirits rise. Throwing out your frown and just SMILING at the sound …

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