You know that first truly hot weekend that heralds the beginning of summer? Well in Brighton you can absolutely guarantee that it also heralds a massive influx of people. So for Sarah and Josh’s engagement shoot I decided to avoid the beautiful parts of town. The beautiful parts would be packed with the people so let’s go to an ugly part. Turns out that they live close to Preston Circus and the grungy old viaduct bridges at the bottom of the Old Shoreham Road. Anyone who lives in Brighton will have spent time waiting in traffic under those bridges, like I have often done and if you can get over the dirt and the pigeon population then you might just see some beauty there.


The light is real pretty mid afternoon, it is filtered by the bridges and bounces around playfully in the space. There are well hidden treasures like the mini cowslip meadow on the roadside bank and it turns out that path that I’ve always wondered about as I sat in the traffic, leads up some pretty little steps to the train station. Amongst the discarded beer cans there are daisy patches, walk past the graffiti walls and there are leafy hedges. And of course we had it all to ourselves on that super sunny Saturday afternoon. So now that ugly part of town will forever be where we took these pretty little love pictures. Thanks Sarah and Josh for going with my ideas on this …

So pull on your hair, pull on your pout, cut THE CONVERSATION just open your mouth. Pull on your face, pull on your feet and let’s hit opening time down on fascination street

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