Rainy Brighton Town Hall WEDDING

Rainy Brighton Town Hall WEDDING

There are some advantages to a rainy Brighton Town Hall wedding. The streets are not so busy and for this cute micro wedding, when we headed to the Royal Pavilion gardens, we practically had them to ourselves. Ana and Ollie had a short but sweet wedding ceremony in the Regency Room which had wonderful light, despite the overcast weather.

After some family group photos outside the Town Hall we went for a stroll through The Lanes. I always love how excited people get when they see a wedding couple and this pair were so gorgeous that they had plenty of congratulations from strangers.

“Funny but it seems I always wind up here with you. Nice to know somebody loves me. Funny but it seems the only thing to do, RUN AND FIND the one who loves me…”

Coworth Park WEDDING

Coworth Park WEDDING

After already blogging Part One of this wedding, I’m now sharing the second part – their gorgeous Coworth Park Wedding Reception. If you recall, I fist met the Groom, Sam’s sister at my Photography Farm workshops. She is the hugely talented wedding photographer, Zoë Alexandra who is based up in Scotland.

After a beautiful ceremony at Windsor Guildhall, the wedding party relocated to Coworth Park near Windsor for an intimate, relaxed, outdoor wedding reception. The couple, Sam and Kerri travelled in complete style in a very dinky vintage Fiat 500. It was a wedding that was small in numbers but huge in emotions with friends and family travelling from far and wide to attend and to celebrate.

“I was lost, now I am found, I BELIEVE IN YOU, I’ve got no bounds..”



When I turned up at the charming Windsor Guildhall Wedding of Sam and Kerri, it was lovely to see so many familiar faces. See, I have known the groom’s sister Zoë ever since she attended my very first Photography Farm workshop over a decade ago. Since then, we’ve had so many good times and many of those have been hosted by Zoë’s lovely family.

They even hosted a workshop for us within their home and Zoë’s mum kindly baked us a cake shaped like a unicorn. They are one of those families that you would like to adopt you and Zoë’s own wedding to her wonderful Sam was my all time favourite to attend. Yes, I got to be a guest and it was crazy amounts of fun.

So when Sam got in touch to say that Zoë had recommended me for his wedding photography in Windsor, I of course did not hesitate to say yes as I knew it would be so nice to see the clan Haslam again. It always super flattering when a fellow wedding photographer recommends you for someone close to them – you can see Zoë’s own gorgeous work over on her website. Sam was marrying the beautiful Kerri who was pregnant with their first child. She looked utterly radiant when she arrived in a super cute vintage Fiat 500.

This is just Part One of this adorable wedding, stay tuned as I will share the second part soon.

“And when I’m dreaming, well I know I’m gonna dream, I’m gonna dream about the TIME WHEN I’M WITH YOU…”

W Hotel London Wedding Editorial Shoot

W Hotel London Wedding Editorial Shoot

The Rock n Roll Bride magazine team was invited to shoot a wedding editorial at the iconic W Hotel in the heart of London. It was incredibly fun to have an entire hotel to shoot in, especially one that is as hedonistic as the W. This place has been designed for partying, one of the suites even has a DJ booth in it.

They are very used to accommodating celebrities so we felt right at home. Our shoot was inspired by the Fugees track Ready or Not and looks from that part of the late 90s.

This would be such a cool place for a wedding, imagine sipping cocktails in the main lounge, living it up whilst looking down on Leicester Square and then heading off to your suite for the afterparty.

“Ready or not here I come, you can’t hide, Gonna find you and take it slowly. Ready or not here I come, you can’t hide, Gonna find you and make YOU WANT ME…”

Wedding At The Natural History Museum

Wedding At The Natural History Museum

It was such a huge honour to be able to shoot this editorial of a wedding at the Natural History Museum in London when it was closed. They invited the team at Rock n Roll Bride Magazine to use it as a location for one of its bridal shoots.

To be able to use these spaces without having visitors in the background was incredible. The light in the museum is so pretty but of course, the most drama is in the main atrium, Hintz Hall with the huge staircase and the giant blue whale skeleton suspended above. Did you know that it is a female and her name is Hope?

Imagine hosting your wedding here, beneath the whale or they have eleven other spaces that are licensed for weddings.

For this shoot, the styling team knew they had to go big to make an impact on the space. So these were some of the most dramatic wedding dresses that I’ve shot to date. Stunning right?

“I drink sweet wine for breakfast, slept for about an hour or so. Smiled a little IN THE SILENCE, deciding on where to go. Meet me under the whale in the Natural History Museum, I think that’s what she said …”

Hasselblad Heroines – Lisa Devlin

Hasselblad Heroines – Lisa Devlin

At last I am able to share this utterly incredible news after weeks of keeping it a secret – I’m actually terrible at secrets so it’s great to finally be able to talk about the fact that I have been selected to be one of this year’s Hasselblad Heroines. Can you believe it?

Film by Shelly Mantovani WeAreAllF

Once a year the prestigious camera brand Hasselblad selects a very small group of female photographers from around the globe. The idea is to celebrate their achievements and inspire other women in the industry.

It launches in the week of International Women’s Day and spotlights the particular challenges and barriers that we still face to this day. The theme for this year’s IWD is Break The Bias with the aim to reduce both deliberate and unconscious bias against all women.

To say that I am hugely honoured to have been selected by Hasselblad for this accolade is a vast understatement. It’s always been my ambition to empower, to nurture and to grow with my fellow photographers. This is why Photography Farm exists and why 70% of our members are female.

Throughout my entire career, I have maintained a curiosity for the craft of photography and a passion for pushing boundaries and breaking barriers. I have consistently pushed for diversity, inclusivity and freedom from stereotypes.

Working with Hasselblad in this position and accessing their phenomenal cameras and lenses is an enormous privilege that I am deeply grateful for.

It’s exciting to think that other girls will see this year’s list and feel that they could also be elevated in the industry and encouraged from the very highest level to keep pushing their creativity.

“My advice is this, if you can’t get your foot in a certain door, then break the door down.”

I have some amazing women around me that have provided a relentless amount of support and made it possible for me to reach this level – In particular Kat Williams, Melissa Love, Sophie Cooke, Shelly Mantovani, Rebecca Carpenter, Kay Peacey, Katie Rogers, Lexi Laine, Alexandra Merri and Erica Willoughby-Smith plus my two dazzling daughters Keeva and Sorcha.

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