Ace Hotel London Wedding Shoot

Ace Hotel London Wedding Shoot

This wedding shoot in East London’s stunning Ace Hotel was for the gorgeous Rock n Roll Bride Magazine. The idea was to explore second wedding day outfits or Bridal Layers might be another way of describing it. You know that we can’t predict the weather on any given day here in the UK so having something to put on or take off depending on how it goes is a terrific idea no matter what time of year that your wedding is. Or maybe just because you want a different look for the evening, adding more sparkle and glamour. So we thought customised jackets, snuggly but still bridal jumpers, and just for the hell of it, a jacket made from foil tassels.

With the words from A POET and the voice from a choir and a melody, nothing else mattered …

Art Direction: Kat Williams at Rock n Roll Bride Magazine

Styling: The Bijou Bride

Model: Stephi Eliza

MUA: Alchemy Hair and Make Up

Victoria Stakes Pub Wedding in Muswell Hill

Victoria Stakes Pub Wedding in Muswell Hill

The lovely Charlotte and Simon married on the hottest day of the year at the Victoria Stakes Pub in London’s Muswell Hill. So this is a funny story, I first met this pair when they modeled for me on a Photography Farm workshop. We did an engagement shoot for them in Borough Market but at the time, they were not yet engaged. Fast forward a few years and Charlotte had relocated down from her native Glasgow to live with Simon in London and he proposed by Niagara Falls. When they started planning the wedding, they got back in touch and booked me to shoot it. So I did a proper engagement shoot for them and then had a heck of a lot of fun shooting their wonderful London Pub Wedding.

We traveled in style to the ceremony in a 1920s Rolls Royce but of course, it had no air conditioning and the windows didn’t wind down so we were super glad to get out and catch a little breeze up at Alexandra Palace. We stopped off there before their wedding and took some photos in the grounds just because it is one of their very favourite places. To round off a glorious day, Charlotte and her Dad got the dance floor going and when we slipped away, everyone was having a mighty party – with ALL the pub windows open.

Oh, believe me, if all those endearing young charms that I gaze on so fondly today were to suddenly leave you or fly off in the night just like FAIRY GIFTS gone in the sky …

How To Have a Luxe London Elopement

How To Have a Luxe London Elopement

This glamorous couple had a luxe, laid back elopement in London. They simply married at their nearest town hall with just the two of them and two witnesses. Then I met up with them for a two hour photo shoot. We drove around town in a chauffeur driven white Roll Royce, stopping to shoot at some iconic London landmarks. Then we headed back to the luxury of their incredible suite at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. They were the first to stay in it after it had been redecorated so everything was brand new. It is such a sophisticated and elegant space with gorgeous light. We drank champagne and then shot around the hotel before they went off to meet their friends for dinner.

They kept all the planning low key but ramped up the glamour and spent their day together, laughing and kissing and making the most of their time together. They didn’t have to please anyone else or rush about. It was very fun and very chic.

And so it is, just like you said it would be. Life goes easy on me, most of the time. And so it is, the SHORTER STORY, no love, no glory, no hero in her sky …

Alternatives To Wedding Dresses | Rock n Roll Bride Magazine

Alternatives To Wedding Dresses | Rock n Roll Bride Magazine

Not every bride wants to wear a big white dress, or even a dress at all. The good news is that there are some killer alternatives around. The theme for this editorial shot at The Town Hall Hotel for Rock n Roll Bride magazine was Androgyny – it’s a celebration of non traditional, alternative bridal wear.

You LIKE ME and I like it all, we like dancing and we look divine. You love bands when they’re playing hard, you want more and you want fast …

Art Direction – Kat Williams at Rock n Roll Bride Magazine

Styling – Erica at Mr + Mrs Unique

Make Up – Louise Lerego

Hair – Cimone Cheveux

Flowers – Lib at Bettie Rose

Assistant – Sam Luck

Location – Town Hall Hotel, London

Wedding Portraits in McDonalds

Wedding Portraits in McDonalds

Winter weddings – they can be challenging for photos. Even if you don’t mind the cold, it gets dark so early that unless you have your portraits early in the day or you have your ceremony by 1pm at the latest, then chances are that you will be having your wedding photos after dark. I don’t mind having to think creatively about where to shoot. Take this sweet, intimate winter elopement with Lewina and Carwen. They kept everything nice and easy, got ready together at home, called an Uber and married in their local registry office in London. When it came to their portraits, they thought that a local church might work as it would be lit up. To me it seemed a little weird as they hadn’t got married there. Then I saw some golden arches and you know those fast food places are always lit up as bright as day!? So we popped in for a McFlurry and took some photos. The McDonalds was packed but nobody seemed to think it too weird that a bride and groom rolled in.

You were sorta punk rock, I grew up on hip hop, but you fit me better than my favourite sweater …

St Etheldreda’s and the Crypt, City of London Wedding

St Etheldreda’s and the Crypt, City of London Wedding

When Hannah and Justin first got in touch about their wedding at St Etheldreda’s and The Crypt in London, they told me “Neither of us liked the fairytale summer wedding idea so we decided to go for something a bit different by having our wedding in the winter in the slightly gothic atmosphere of the Crypt”

The ceremony was at 4pm so everything felt cosy and as it was just before Christmas, very festive too. They share a love for old Fred Astaire movies and I have to say the bride was most definitely giving Audrey Hepburn vibes. Her look was so reminiscent of her and indeed she even wore the same Givenchy perfume that was created especially for the original Audrey.

The whole day was all about good old fashioned romance and who doesn’t love a big old dollop of that in the depths of winter?

dance with me, I want my arm about you, THE CHARM about you will carry me through to heaven …

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