Well Cowdray House in Sussex may be one of the fanciest wedding venues that I’ve ever been to. It is a very grand Stately Home – I spotted a stone unicorn perching on the roof, yes it’s THAT fancy! It is absolutely immaculate, in a break I got up close and personal with the book shelves and couldn’t find a single spot of dust. Very impressive in a space that size but it still feels quite homely and recently it played host to a mighty fine wedding for the very lovely Gini and Marc.

This pair of lovers have been on an international whirlwind since meeting in Gini’s home town of Cincinnati a year ago. Marc, a Brit, was there on business and they have since settled in Switzerland. The wedding felt like a very wonderful English Country House Weekend Party with some fun elements from the USA, like a Bourbon Bar and a S’mores Station. The excellent Jacaranda treated us all like Lords for the day and as we left guests were downing Jager Bombs while the band were rocking out.

Well I came home, like a stone and I fell heavy into YOUR ARMS. These days of dust which we’ve known, will blow away with this new sun …

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