Logistics plays a big part in this game. I shoot alternative weddings for couples based all over, so sometimes planning the engagement shoot any time in advance of the wedding date can be a little tricky. This was the case with this pair of relaxed lovers. They are based right up in the North East of England but travel here, there and everywhere with their careers so it made sense to plan a Day Before shoot in the run up to the wedding day.

They had a lot to do to get ready for their incredible wedding in a secluded valley in Northumberland ~ including putting up a circus tent, but they took some time out to take me just over into the Scottish Borders. We spent a merry couple of hours exploring this beautiful bay before stopping off for Mint Magnums. I cannot wait to show you Stella & Si's amazing wedding, it is next in the editing queue. (Full Gallery)

here we are in a FABULOUS PLACE what are you going to DREAM here


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