When I got an enquiry through for a wedding on Eel Pie Island, I'll admit I was intrigued and had a quick google. It turned out not to be some Cockney Pirate hideaway but a tiny private island on the Thames with a fascinating history. In Tudor times, it offered street food or in this case river food with the eponymous pies and even Henry the Eighth would stop off to fill his face. In more recent times it housed a notorious debauched Rock n Roll hotel that hosted the likes of The Rolling Stones, Bowie and Clapton. So I was pretty dang chuffed when Holly and Marty chose me as their wedding photographer. Holly is a filmmaker but she was glad to just be the Bride on the day. 

I loved her look and that she got ready in their flat. We even had time to stop off at the building works happening just outside it for some photos of Holly by the hoarding. I do love a bit of bridal beauty against some urban grunge! Anyway it was the hottest day of the summer and a midday ceremony at York House but Holly and Marty were good sports about going for portraits down by the river and after drinks, we all made the short journey across the footbridge to the island. It's now home to a quirky, alternative community of artists and so as the sun was going down, we took a stroll around and even made friends with the biggest cat I think I've ever seen. It was such a glorious day so thanks to Holly and Marty for having us there. See their full gallery here


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