Rock and Roll Bride magazine is a terrific source of inspiration for alternative couples planning their weddings. The editor, Kat is pretty open minded when it comes to pitching her suggestions for editorial shoots for the magazine and for me, this idea had been brewing for a while. You see, I’m kind of really obsessed with the love story between Elvis and Priscilla. And I often wonder, would it ever even happen in modern times? So for me this shoot was an homage to their love story with a very modern twist.


Some of the best things about working with Kat are the creative team that she brings together for projects (see credits at bottom) and her own ideas. It was Kat that twisted this from having a male model in our ‘Elvis’ role into having our incredible model Tarla translate both characters. Erica and Alex did a wonderful job on the styling, I hope brides see that weddings don’t have to be all tulle or lace. Finally, how lucky was I being let loose in the amazing Hotel Pelirocco with all it’s music inspired rooms?

Well though it’s always crowded, you still can find some room. For BROKEN-HEARTED LOVERS to cry there in the gloom. And they’ll be so, they’ll be so lonely baby, They’ll be so lonely, they could die…

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