You know those friends that you have been together for a while and when you see them you always tease them about how cute they are together, when are they going to get married?? That was Sophie and Gareth for me. Like these two are adorable human beings on their own but as a couple? Well imagine kittens chasing their little furry tails, yeah that cute. So when they returned from holiday with news that Gareth had finally proposed, I was over the moon for them. 

Together they run the sparkle fest that is Crown and Glory, if you are looking for my Christmas present, just head there please. They are based down in sunny Cornwall so the last time I was there, we met on the beach for celebratory beers, burgers and a short but sweet engagement shoot. I had actually shot them before as part of one of our Elements Workshops in Cornwall and I'm pretty sure that is where Gareth got the idea to make her his wife, ha!


i know if i can find my OWN WAY back there's a life i always knew but never had


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