Hasselblad Heroines – Lisa Devlin

At last I am able to share this utterly incredible news after weeks of keeping it a secret – I’m actually terrible at secrets so it’s great to finally be able to talk about the fact that I have been selected to be one of this year’s Hasselblad Heroines. Can you believe it?

Film by Shelly Mantovani WeAreAllF

Once a year the prestigious camera brand Hasselblad selects a very small group of female photographers from around the globe. The idea is to celebrate their achievements and inspire other women in the industry.

It launches in the week of International Women’s Day and spotlights the particular challenges and barriers that we still face to this day. The theme for this year’s IWD is Break The Bias with the aim to reduce both deliberate and unconscious bias against all women.

To say that I am hugely honoured to have been selected by Hasselblad for this accolade is a vast understatement. It’s always been my ambition to empower, to nurture and to grow with my fellow photographers. This is why Photography Farm exists and why 70% of our members are female.

Throughout my entire career, I have maintained a curiosity for the craft of photography and a passion for pushing boundaries and breaking barriers. I have consistently pushed for diversity, inclusivity and freedom from stereotypes.

Working with Hasselblad in this position and accessing their phenomenal cameras and lenses is an enormous privilege that I am deeply grateful for.

It’s exciting to think that other girls will see this year’s list and feel that they could also be elevated in the industry and encouraged from the very highest level to keep pushing their creativity.

“My advice is this, if you can’t get your foot in a certain door, then break the door down.”

I have some amazing women around me that have provided a relentless amount of support and made it possible for me to reach this level – In particular Kat Williams, Melissa Love, Sophie Cooke, Shelly Mantovani, Rebecca Carpenter, Kay Peacey, Katie Rogers, Lexi Laine, Alexandra Merri and Erica Willoughby-Smith plus my two dazzling daughters Keeva and Sorcha.