Do you have a favourite London Train station? I do for sure, it’s London St Pancras. I cannot tell you how much I adore it, it’s the city’s most romantic station. And it bloody well knows it! There’s a giant statue of a couple snogging for a start, then the incredible Tracey Emin light sculpture that says “I Want My Time With You”. I love that you can get on a train in the morning that will take you into the heart of Paris by lunchtime.

The light is incredible in there thanks to the amazing glass roof and then there are the dark little nooks and crannies of the Renaissance Hotel. It was made for lovers, not business meetings. So when Charlotte and Will suggested meeting there for their engagement shoot, I was very excited. We loved shooting there and finished up by shooting in the sister station Kings Cross so we could get a picture surrounded by moving people with my couple standing still in the middle.

If you rise or if you fall, you can hand it all to someone who believes in you and cares for you and SHARES THAT TIME with you. I need and I want and I love my time with you …

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