London At Home Engagement | Jacki + Greg

[T]he process of creating photos of people never fails to fascinate me. I often deal with clients who tell me that they hate being photographed. Maybe we are that generation that was brought up on cringey school photos dutifully purchased every year and placed on the mantlepiece. To us photography was often a thing to fear, an opportunity to invite¬†ridicule. Brits seem to be the worst, just try herding 100 of them into a group photo when absolutely nobody wants to be the first one in. I’m seriously contemplating training up a sheepdog! I expect¬†things will be very different for those brought up in the digital age. Having just spent a weekend hosting 8 twelve year olds at a birthday sleepover, I can tell you that there are never enough selfies to be taken.

But currently, a lot of the process for me is to find ways to help people feel more natural in photos. I met up with Jacki and Greg at their flat in London for their Engagement Shoot. They soon told me that while Jacki (Australian) quite enjoys being in photos, Greg really, really doesn’t. For me these shoots shown me what I’m working with ahead of the wedding day and they are invaluable to get an insight into personalities as well as a chance to figure out your angles. So by the time we get to wedding portraits, it can all feel more natural. This pair are actually very photogenic and I’m looking forward to the wedding (The dog is going to carry the rings!). Greg assures me that he is actually much better in photos when he has had a drink or two!

And this time I know it’s FOR REAL, the feelings that I feel. I know if I put my mind to it, I know that I really can do it …