Can we do our engagement shoot in Camberwell? Christina and Jack spent the early days of their relationship in that part of London, so yeah.. why not return there for the engagement shoot. I love shooting in London and it is always fun to discover parts of it that I wasn't already familiar with. Turns out that Camberwell is a mixture of posh Victorian villas and council estates. I love that diversity and how it defines our cities.

Anyway, like most of the couples that I work with, Christina and Jack were a little nervous about the shoot, so we met in the pub for a chat about their wedding plans and some Dutch courage. Then we took a stroll down Love Walk and had some fun with multiple exposures. This pair are getting married in the summer and plan to set up a company hiring out Nordic Tipis for events afterwards so I'm looking forward to seeing how they set them up in Jack's family's garden for the wedding.

you came into my crazy world like a COOL AND CLEANSING WAVE, before I knew what hit me baby you were flowing through my veins

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