When Tien and Kenzo first got in touch about booking in the photography for their London Warehouse Wedding at Dilston Grove in London, here is what they said. ‘We love your style of photography. A really good mix of awesome highly editorial group shots coupled with some really great reportage style ones. In my head, I would like to shoot all the couple and group shots before all our guests arrive so we can spend as much time having fun with them as possible. We want our wedding to be a helluva party.’

Well that sounded perfect to me. So I went to where Tien was getting ready with her bridesmaids and my second shooter, Sam met up with Kenzo and his groomsmen. We all came together at the amazing Dilston Grove and started with group shots and their portraits. This did make everything after that point very relaxed and they could spend all their time with their guests. It also did make me wonder why more weddings don’t run this way?! ( Big thanks to Laura at Devine Bride – their wedding co-ordinator)


It’s the way that you know what I thought I knew, It’s the beat my HEART SKIPS when I’m with you …


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