How beautiful is this Nymans wedding? Anna and Hans hosted both their ceremony and reception at this wonderful National Trust venue in Sussex. Their vibe was intimate, relaxed and modern.

When Anna and Hans spoke to me about what they wanted in their wedding photos they said “Having some photos that we can look back at when we are 80 and wrinkly, and think ‘phwoar! weren’t you gorgeous, love”.

This made me laugh so much and doesn’t it just sum up what great wedding photos are all about? Their day was gloriously laid back, focused on friends and family, good music and good times.

The gardens had so many wonderful pretty little nooks and crannies for photos and we also walked around the outside of the house which has been partially ruined in a fire that started when the servants had a party whilst the family were away. Imagine how much trouble they were in!

The flowers in the garden were glorious but Anna’s flower crown and bouquet from Tony Dunn still stood out. And her bridal jumpsuit was such a great look.

I would love to shoot here again so if you have booked your wedding at Nymans, get in touch and lets’ chat or if you still need to find a venue, here are my favourite wedding venues in Sussex.

“Walk in your rainbow paradise. Strawberry lipstick state of mind. I get so LOST INSIDE YOUR EYES. Would you believe it?”

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