What should you do if it rains on the day of your engagement shoot? Should you postpone it, hoping for some better weather? Well you could do but here in the UK, you could be postponing forever trying to get the perfect day. I’m all for going ahead even if there is torrential rain like there was on the day that I’d arranged to meet Hannah and Justin for their engagement shoot in London. We met in a cosy pub and they confessed that having a drink was going to calm their slight nerves anyway.

They both said that being in front of the camera isn’t one of their favourite things but that they’d like a couple shoot before the wedding. I like using these sessions as an excuse to hang out with my couples anyway. When it looked like the rain was going nowhere, we asked if we could use the empty function room for the shoot. Most pubs have one and they are often unused in the daytime. It was fun shooting in the small space and using the cosy, dark pub corners.

Show me a GRAY SKY, a rainy cab ride …

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