Rainy Day London Engagement | Tanya + Tanios

[Y]ou know those days when London just turns grey and rainy, when the drizzle is relentless? Yes that is what we were working with for Tanya and Tanios’s Engagement Shoot. ‘Don’t worry!’ I said, ‘we can just shoot in your hotel room’. Well if you ever wondered where the smallest hotel room in London is, I can now happily let you know. The ‘room’ was quite literally a bed, a very lovely bed but space was not a luxury afforded to us. I do like a challenge so it was time to see what I could come up with in just few square meters.


When the rain still did not stop (relentless is like that) we braved the outside. This gorgeous pair live in Dubai and said they’d just left behind temperatures in the 40s so they were pretty gung-ho about the weather in London. ‘Refreshing’ they called it. Well one thing that I do love is that rain clears the streets of other people and you can find pretty streets like this one with hardly another soul around. And another thing, I have never shot an Engagement in bad weather where the Wedding Day did not turn out to be great weather #truefact.

You’re a FALLING STAR, you’re the get away car, you’re the line in the sand when I go too far …