When I'm not shooting weddings and commercial work, I run Photography Farm which offers training to alternative wedding photographers. A few times a year, we hire an amazing farm and put on a three day workshop that includes a styled shoot. I booked our model Lucy, because she has incredible skin and that killer combination of dark hair and blue eyes. I was very inspired by her and got to thinking of Snow White. But of course at farm we like things on the dark side so this is the Grimm version.

Our shoot focuses on the various attempts on Snow's life. First, the corset laced up with ribbons and lace so tight that she passes out; then the poison comb that she can't resist placing in her hair as it's so pretty and finally the poison red apple that lodges in her throat and causes her to fall into a sleep that she could not wake from. In the final scene she is laid out in the woods looking even more beautiful in her deep sleep.

See below for full credit list...

since you've been gone I've been lost without a trace I DREAM AT NIGHT I can only see your face


Shot at Photography Farm

Model Lucy Scarfe

Dresses The Couture Company

Accessories Flo and Percy

Set Design and Flowers Petal and Feast

Hair and Make-up Elbie Van Eeden

Assistant Alexa Clarke Kent

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