When Hannah and Justin first got in touch about their wedding at St Etheldreda’s and The Crypt in London, they told me “Neither of us liked the fairytale summer wedding idea so we decided to go for something a bit different by having our wedding in the winter in the slightly gothic atmosphere of the Crypt”

The ceremony was at 4pm so everything felt cosy and as it was just before Christmas, very festive too. They share a love for old Fred Astaire movies and I have to say the bride was most definitely giving Audrey Hepburn vibes. Her look was so reminiscent of her and indeed she even wore the same Givenchy perfume that was created especially for the original Audrey.

The whole day was all about good old fashioned romance and who doesn’t love a big old dollop of that in the depths of winter?

dance with me, I want my arm about you, THE CHARM about you will carry me through to heaven …

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