When Ness and Mugs booked me for their wedding at Standlow Farm in the Peak District, I had to confess that it is a part of the world I don’t know very well. But their wedding sounded very lovely and I do adore having new places to explore. They very much wanted a festival feeling to the wedding and the Farm let them take it over for the entire weekend. This is one well travelled couple and so their wedding brought in all kinds of elements from all over the world, including an interlude with an African Dance Class that got all the guests re-energised after dinner.


Ness and Mugs are incredibly warm people and when I spent time with their families and friends I could see that this was something that ran throughout everything that they do. The wedding was a wonderful gathering of all their favourite people and they had quite the best dance floor I’ve seen in a long time. So much love, energy and compassion at this wedding. Mugs’s Gran Sylvia and I had a great chat before she hit the dance floor and out all the young ones to shame. I was super sad to leave but this is a stunning part of England and I’m so happy that we got to go out into it and make images.

Can you hear me calling out your name? You know that I’M FALLING and I don’t know what to say. I’ll speak a little louder, I’ll even shout. You know that I’m proud and I can’t get the words out …

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