I first met Lucy and Johnny way back in February 2020 at the Rock n Roll Bride Live show in London. I often think back to that event and all of us wedding suppliers with no idea what was about to happen and how much of an impact it would have. They actually won my little contest that I ran there, to win their wedding photography with me.

It was a little while before I could meet them again and we used the time to do a casual little autumn engagement shoot in Stanmer Woods, not far from where I live in Brighton. They have busy lives and so it was sweet to be able to take some time out from work and wedding planning with them.

Afterward, they went for fish and chips on the beach and got attacked by seagulls – which is standard scenes for down here. This weekend is finally their wedding date after a few postponements and I cannot wait to shoot it for them.

“There she goes again, racing through my brain, And I just CAN’T CONTAIN, this feeling that remains…”

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