There are so many incredible places to do a sunset engagement shoot around Brighton. Of course the beach is the obvious place but I like to take my couples to the spots that are not so well known. These cliffs are a great example and, and they can look incredible if we get a pretty sunset. TCan you believe that they are actually right next to a busy main road? However, if you are careful with framing you can eliminate the cars, and just get a beautiful view of the beach and the cliffs.

This shoot was a collaboration with the wonderful Alexandra at The Bijou Studio. I’m a huge fan of her style, it’s relaxed but sharp, her eye for detail is incredible and working with her is super inspiring. I want her to come and style my entire life. Alas she is too busy with her successful wedding planning business, dang!

Thanks to Poppy Tallulah for doing a sterling job on both hair and makeup and to our couple, Duncan and Rachel.

If you are thinking about where to have your Brighton Engagement Shoot, hit me up, I love doing these. If you are currently searching for a venue for your Brighton wedding or elopement, I have a list packed full of great venues, some of which might not be so obvious without some insider knowledge.

“On the coastline, in the water, your mirage is like a stalker. I could push him off the cliffside, ’cause he’s COLOURING MY INSIDES and everywhere I look, I look at you…”

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