Back Garden Wedding

Back Garden Wedding

Is there anything more relaxed than hosting a Back Garden Wedding? No huge venue costs, you have all the time in the world to set up and take down your decorations and you have the fun of growing your own flowers. But of course this is the UK and even in the middle of summer you have to expect the weather to be a challenge.

Childhood sweethearts Jessica and Harrison married at the beautiful St Michael’s in the Berkshire village, Bray. As churches go, it’s quite a famous one and if you’ve watched the Rocket Man movie you might recognise it as it was used as the location for Elton’s wedding to Renata. The vicar is Jessica’s Dad, so the back garden was actually the vicarage next door. It backs onto the river Thames which created an ever changing backdrop as people passed by in various boats.

The church dates from 1249AD and as they both have a fascination for history, it seemed like a great idea to shoot some portraits back in the church. So that weather that I mentioned earlier, yes there was some heavy downpours but there was also a Plan B. Just in case, the church hall had also been decorated so we moved in there when it was a little too wet. It was wonderful to spend the day with this couple and their loved ones. As we left guests were queuing for the ice-cream van and which was well timed as the rain had stopped.

Having your own back garden wedding? Feel free to get in touch and lets’ chat.

“I miss the earth so much, I miss MY WIFE. It’s lonely out in space on such a timeless flight”

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