There are not many people who turn heads in Brighton. We are an anything goes kind of town, we positively embrace the flamboyant, the extroverts, punks, drag queens, goths, trans, we kind of think we have seen it all. Well it turns out that this town can still be stopped in it’s tracks and I saw a lot of that when I spent the day with this incredible human. Harnaam Kaur has a pretty unique story, diagnosed with PCOS at 11, she went on to suffer bullying due to her excess hair. At the tender age of 16 when most of us would rather die than leave the house with anything that drew negative attention to our appearance, Harnaam took the amazing decision to embrace what made her different. She stopped getting rid of her hair and transformed into The Bearded Dame. In fact she now campaigns for positive body image and is an anti-bullying activist. And let me tell you, she is one inspiring lady to hang out with. My girls were utterly besotted with her and talked of nothing else for days. The little one even started a class discussion on whether women could have beards and told everyone that she had seen a beautiful Indian Princess with one for real.


When Kat from Rock n Roll Bride magazine first told me that she was meeting up with Harnaam I pitched the idea of doing a shoot. Harnaam has been getting a fair bit of press which is really helping to spread her positive message so for this I wanted to focus on her beauty and do something that I had not done much of before, Asian Bridal. The Royal Pavilion in Brighton very kindly gave us permission to shoot in their grounds which I was really thrilled about. I cannot imagine a more perfect backdrop and we even got the glorious Indian Summer weather. Sati did such a stunning job with the make-up and Church Lane Flowers once again rose to the challenge with beautiful florals. Harnaam’s positivity is utterly infectious and if these images help to challenge what Asian Bridal beauty can be or they inspire girls to also embrace what is different in them, then our work here is done. This shoot is featuring in the current issue of Rock n Roll Bride magazine where you can read Harnaam’s piece on Bridal Body Confidence and loving the skin you’re in. The following quote is from Harnaam and I think you will also fall a little in love with her if you read the full article.

Once we unconditionally fall in love with ourselves and our bodies, the taunts of others won’t effect on us anymore. Self-Love and empowerment starts from within. It is a journey that each and every one of us should aim to travel on, it is extremely liberating and beautiful…

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