Before we even start, let me make this clear. This wasn't my wedding, I second shot this gorgeous day in Hampshire and The Long Barn with Adam Bronkhorst, so these are some of my images from this wedding. The couple, Sarah and Tai booked Adam to shoot the wedding and here is the story of how I was there too. I've been thinking for a while that I would like the experience of second shooting a wedding. For all the time that I've been a wedding photographer, I have used second shooters but I have never done it myself. I figured that if I knew what it felt like to second around a main photographer, I might be better at directing the people who shoot with me. Also I'm utterly fascinated by how we all approach things so differently. Adam and I might teach together but we are photography polar opposites so I knew this would be interesting.

But the real reason I wanted to do it is that I get jealous of my second shooters when we are at a wedding. I want to be able to hang back more, wait for the shot... not be seen to be looking busy and doing something all the time. I want to experience the ceremony from the guests' perspective, not squashed in a corner trying my best to blend in with the choir. I want to not direct the couple shoot so I'm poised for those little non-self-conscious moments when they think they are not being photographed. I want to experiment when there is no pressure to be the one getting the money shots. Someone said to me last week that they want to book a photographer that is kind of invisible on the day, well as a second photographer you sort of are. Thanks Adam for letting me try this and now I'm going to see how I can bring some of these skills to my own weddings.

we keep this love in A PHOTOGRAPH we made these memories for ourselves

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