Wedding at The Asylum + Peckham Liberal Club // Gemma + Guy

[W]as I excited about shooting a wedding at The Asylum in London? Errr yes, it is such an incredible venue but more than that I was super excited to see what they were both wearing. Well I’m usually excited about wedding frocks but this was in Gemma’s initial email to me, “We aren’t very traditional : I’m wearing a green sequin kimono, he’s in a Kenzo x Disney Hawaiian shirt I’m jealous of! I’m walking down the aisle to Beyonce Crazy in Love arranged by some friends in brass, the dress code is suits and sequins! I want to make sure the little details are caught of course but mainly I’d like pictures of my drop dead gorgeous friends having a great time!”



I know.. it sounded so up my street that I figured I could just go ahead and move in with them. Oh and then things got EVEN better. When it came to discussing their photography on the day, I asked about their venues and why they chose them. They live in Peckham and Gemma has more than a slight thing for the dicky fonts used by a lot of the shops. So we decided to just walk through the high street and see what we liked on the day. And yes I did have a hell of a lot of fun shooting this wedding and yes it was a brilliant party and their friends really didn’t disappoint when it came to adhering to the theme despite the early morning start. The Pearly King of Peckham even made a guest appearance!

Such a funny thing for me to try to explain, How I’m Feeling and my pride is the one to blame. And I still don’t understand, Just how YOUR LOVE could do what no one else can …