Worthing Pier Wedding // Léonie + Adam

[L]éonie and Adam have made their home together in Worthing and chose to host their wedding in the glamorous Art Deco surroundings of the Southern Pavilion on Worthing Pier. They told me they were going for a glam 1920s look and that the bride would be in an ice blue satin gown. Well, I was pretty happy with that, oh and did I mention the Dachshund?

There have been weddings that I shot where the couple got ready at the same place and even got dressed together but this is the first time that I had a groom and his son helping the bride get into her wedding dress. But their whole day was relaxed, unconventional and very elegant. As we left, the nine piece Gypsy band was in full swing and the party was well underway.

I would take the stars out of the sky FOR YOU, stop the rain from falling if you asked me to …