The lovely fellow wedding photographer, Rebecca Carpenter posted in our Facebook group that she was heading to Las Vegas with her husband to renew their wedding vows and was looking for a photographer. As chance would have it, I was going to be in LA at the same time and usually pop up to Vegas for a few days. So I put myself forward and luckily she liked the idea.

They had a drive through ceremony in a pink Cadillac at The Little White Chapel because Britney had got married there. ‘Elvis’ was on hand to serenade them and I cannot tell you how much fun it was. Teaching Elvis how to do boomies on his phone might just be a life highlight for me!

We did some shots around the chapel and then jumped in their convertible with no particular plan but then in the most serendipitous manner we found ourselves on the road that leads to the Seven Magic Mountains. It’s normally packed with selfie takers but we had it all to ourselves. It was all truly magical so thanks for agreeing to have me along Rebecca + Jon, you two lovers are the best!

Baby close your eyes and listen to the music, drifting through a SUMMER BREEZE. It’s a groovy night and I can show you how to use it, come along with me and put your mind at ease …

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