and what happens when those three things are in the room.

Hello, I’m Lisa Devlin – a wedding and editorial photographer or as I like to think of it, the person who will help you figure out what to do with your hands. Yes, why do we suddenly not know what to do with our hands when we are being photographed?

I have a theory. It’s because we express ourselves as much with our hands as our faces and when we feel awkward, they feel awkward. Like someone just plonked them onto the ends of your arms!

You could say that my style is a bit left of centre, a bit editorial, a bit emotional.

Brief History Of Me

– Born and raised in Northern Ireland but I’ve lost my accent. I didn’t mean to but I get it back as soon as I step off the plane in Belfast.

– Left school, worked as a music industry photographer for 10 years, fell into doing weddings when my agent got married and have been loving doing that ever since.

– Along the way, I’ve picked up some accolades including the first ever award given to a wedding photographer by the British Journal of Photography (a pretty big deal in my world!) and I have been named as one of Hasselblad’s Heroines.

– I started my own school for wedding photographers, Photography Farm.

– If you ask me, I will tell you the story about how I ended up being on the cover of a Van Morrison album.

I ..

have a thing for cover versions 

like to see a clock with a symmetrical time on it like 22.22

love to listen to the traffic news when I have nowhere to go

cannot decide what my favorite cheese is but I’m very devoted to researching it

didn’t know that we also get rated by Uber drivers and now I’m on a mission to improve my score from 4.82

I seek the extraordinary in everyday life and the life in the extraordinary days.

You can find me in Brighton with one husband, two small blondes, two cats, two dogs and a gecko. Now let’s talk about you…

My Uber rating is 4.82 which annoys me. Seriously, what have I ever been marked down for? I’m always so nice to Uber people…

Profile Photo by Lauren Amy. Hasselblad Heroine Video by We Are All F.

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