So here’s a little secret for you. The weekends in London’s city area is practically deserted and so shooting engagements there is so much easier. You get those iconic buildings and streets practically to yourself. Ingrid and Alex are actually getting married in Italy but as London is their current home town, they wanted a shoot that represented this time in their lives.

‘Can we bring our dog?’ they said, ‘Is he cute?’ I said… I think you will agree that he is utterly adorable. We started in an old bombed out church that is now a pretty, tranquil garden. Ingrid has a great look and produces her own beer (hence the bunch of hops) and so after an amble around the streets we went to the pub, which it turned out was packed. So now we know where ALL the people are.


You touch me, I hear the sound of mandolins. You KISS ME, with your kiss my life begins…


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