Greenwich London Engagement Shoot | Holly + Simon

[T]he lovely Holly and Simon met me at a pub by the train station in Greenwich at the start of their engagement shoot, because A. It was raining far too hard to go out and shoot and B. They wanted a quick drink to steady their nerves! It can be a little daunting to be photographed together in a public place but I’m always down for starting with a chat over some drinks/coffees/teas/whatevers.

Apart from driving you into the pub, the other great thing about rain is that it clears the streets. We had a normally very busy part of London pretty much to ourselves, apart from the odd hardcore sightseer. It’s so lovely around Greenwich and the river and you soon find some cute places for photos.

When you smile I see STARS IN THE SKY, when you smile I see sunrise. And I know you’ve been thinking of me and I know how you want it to be …