This glamorous couple had a luxe, laid back elopement in London. They simply married at their nearest town hall with just the two of them and two witnesses. Then I met up with them for a two hour photo shoot. We drove around town in a chauffeur driven white Roll Royce, stopping to shoot at some iconic London landmarks. Then we headed back to the luxury of their incredible suite at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. They were the first to stay in it after it had been redecorated so everything was brand new. It is such a sophisticated and elegant space with gorgeous light. We drank champagne and then shot around the hotel before they went off to meet their friends for dinner.

They kept all the planning low key but ramped up the glamour and spent their day together, laughing and kissing and making the most of their time together. They didn’t have to please anyone else or rush about. It was very fun and very chic.

And so it is, just like you said it would be. Life goes easy on me, most of the time. And so it is, the SHORTER STORY, no love, no glory, no hero in her sky …

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