London at Night Engagement Shoot | Aoife + Ali

[B]est laid plans, eh? I had planned this London engagement shoot really well, I thought. Well when I say that, what I mean is that I realised the day before that by the time I was due to meet up with Aoife and Ali, it would in fact be dark so I checked sunset times and brought the shoot forward so that actually we would be shooting in that gorgeous sunset light. And on the day there was a stunning sunset, picture perfect. I can tell you as me and Ali watched it from a sweet little pub on the banks of the river Thames. Sadly life got in our way and the lovely Aoife was held up at work. She is a nurse and of course when duty calls then that comes before everything.

Now if you’ve spent any time with me, you will know that I love a challenge and so this shoot to me was all about finding available sources of light because I didn’t pack a flashgun. Why would I? I was banking on that lovely sunset! This was so much fun, we used street lights, shop window lights, phone lights, building floodlights, hell I even considered stopping passing cyclists and asking to use their bike lights. In the end I think we have images that are even more iconic of the area (Greenwich) than daylight ones would have been and we were even serenaded by the musicians practising in the college. It was very magical and I’m so looking forward to their wedding this weekend.

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