You know this is a challenging job for all kinds of reasons. When I shoot couples, I am really aiming to take a series of images that reflects what they are about at this particular point in their lives and their relationship. This is extra challenging when it’s a workshop (like this one with Photography Farm in London). But It’s even more of a challenge when one of your subjects is a very successful wedding photographer himself.


But I do love a challenge and so when James Frost and his girlfriend Éireann volunteered to come up to Shoreditch and model for me, I was really excited to see what we could come up with. It was a crazy hot summer day and the streets were already busy with late afternoon drinkers around Hoxton Square but you can always find little secluded spots in the city and I ended up really loving this shoot.



And I’ll be yours to keep, a wind in THE SHADOWS a whale song in the deep …


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