Is there much point booking in an engagement shoot if we are only in London for a few days before our wedding? Well Hell to the Yes there is! Taking an hour or so out to hang out with me and doing some hugging with your lover is just what you need to combat all the busy, busy stuff just before the wedding. So even if you’ve only just got a few days, let’s make the effort to meet up.


The very adorable Emma and Roxy had not long landed from San Francisco and to fit in with their schedule, I arranged to meet them at Wah Nails. We grabbed a quick coffee before taking a stroll around London’s Soho. It was of course utterly packed, as it always is but there are always little secret alley ways and cosy corners that can be found to make London your own for a few moments.

I am the BLANK PAGE before you, I am the fine idea you crave. I live and breathe under the moon and when you cross that bridge I’ll come and find you …

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