This is a few frames from a Brighton Wedding shot on film in September. Earlier this year, I picked up a little Snap camera from a lovely UK company called LensFayre. It’s an eco version of a disposable camera that gives you that lo-fi look without ending up in landfill. I had been waiting for the right clients to use it at a wedding then along came Marianne and Karl. They are both super into photography and shooting film. Marianne has her beloved grandad’s film cameras and has been lovingly cataloguing his print collection.

I knew that they would totally get the vibe of this small but plucky little camera. It’s an easy addition to my camera bag, in fact I mostly kept it in my pocket. It’s been a decade since I shot film at a wedding – I know this because I used a leftover roll of film that was kicking about in a cupboard and it had an expiry date of 2012.

“The first STAR I SEE may not be a star…”

Do you love the idea of having some film shot at your wedding? I would love to chat to you about this, head over to this page to get in touch with a few details about your wedding…

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