This was the challenge, could I create a styled wedding shoot for less than £150? The result is this Short Wedding Dress Editorial Shoot. I was thinking if I was a new photographer with zero resources and a tiny budget, how would I go about creating content? Wedding dress designers or boutiques might not be keen to end their beautiful gowns out without guaranteed exposure to a large audience so what are the other options?

First of all, I took some of my budget and went searching on ASOS, their sale section is a treasure trove of pieces that might photograph well. For under half of my entire budget, I picked up three frocks. I decided to find very short dresses so I could have a micro wedding / micro frock theme. I connected with a wonderful local MUA who was interested in shooting TFP (Time For Print – this is an industry term for shooting to provide portfolio images)

I would have shot in the outdoors to also save costs but the weather was bad on our chosen date so the next largest chunk of my small budget went on hiring a studio. Like many others, The Brighton Studio will rent out by the hour so I booked two hours in their smallest space. Apart from that it was a case of buying a bunch of eucalyptus from my local greengrocer. My gorgeous model was again someone that was local to me and I connected with over Instagram. All the accessories were pieces that I recycled from previous shoots. And there you go! Turns out it is possible shoot bridal content even without much budget

“Staring at the blank page before you, open up the dirty window, let THE SUN ILLUMINATE the words that you couldn’t find…”

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