Chotronette Wedding Dresses

Chotronette Wedding Dresses

A Shoot for Chotronette Wedding Dresses for Rock n Roll Bride Magazine. How about florals, says Erica. How about Final Fantasy, say I. Honestly, you should see how long the group chats are pulling these editorial shoots together for Rock n Roll Bride Magazine. But we all utterly adore working on them and personally my favourite part is seeing how all our different input ends up translated into the final images. This time I think we can call this Final Floral Fantasy, am I right?

Each shoot is aimed at Kat’s readers who are never going to go for the straight white wedding option. They are pretty alternative but don’t always have a huge budget. So these frocks from designer Chotronette are right up their street and I know that so many brides went crazy on Kat’s Instagram when it was revealed that the dresses are priced between just £100-£850. (shoot credits below)

Video by Christine Wehrmeier

Creative Director Kat Williams | Rock n Roll Bride Magazine

Styling Erica Willoughby-Smith | Mr & Mrs Unique

Styling Alexandra Merri | The Bijou Bride

Hair Jo Irving | Lovehair & Co

Make Up Ellie Gill | The Beauty Aisle

Dresses | Chotronette

Veil | Crown & Glory

Model Pip | Leni’s Model Management

Location | Clapton Tram

Minimony wedding in Brighton

Minimony wedding in Brighton

I’m excited to show you some images from this Minimony wedding in Brighton. What’s a Minimony? It’s a small wedding ceremony that you have before your big wedding celebration for various different reasons. This pair had the big wedding planned for New Year’s Eve with a Drag Queen as the celebrant so they still needed to do the ‘legal bit’. They decided to make it a small but special celebration and after their ceremony in the Registry Office at Brighton Town Hall with just very close family.

We took a little stroll around Brighton for their portrait session, finding interesting backgrounds that complimented their attire. Seriously though, we need to talk about how amazing their outfits were for this part of their wedding. They are both huge fans of Drag and the bride’s dress featured the legendary Divine. Oh my!

Out, out tonight, feel like going out in the night. I’m gonna walk the street, WALK THE STREET, I wanna feel the heat, feel the heat…

Thinking of having your own Minimony or Micro wedding in Brighton? I have a super useful list of possible venues over on this page that might be worth considering.

Wedding Dance Floor Photos

Wedding Dance Floor Photos

The dance floor photos at any wedding have to be some of my absolute favourites. When all the official business is done, those pesky speeches are over with – you can just kick back and party with your best people. They are also the most fun to edit, I never know quite what I’m going to get and I love seeing the layers to the action in post production.

Let’s sway, you could look into my eyes. Let’s sway, under THE MOONLIGHT, this serious moonlight…

If I’m there for your party, then expect to find me right in the middle of the action. It’s a little known fact that I was a club photographer for dance music magazines, so I’m very much used to dealing with the crazy lighting and people flinging their limbs about.

A Las Vegas Vow Renewal at The Little White Wedding Chapel with a Pink Dress and Seven Magic Mountains

A Las Vegas Vow Renewal at The Little White Wedding Chapel with a Pink Dress and Seven Magic Mountains

The lovely fellow wedding photographer, Rebecca Carpenter posted in our Facebook group that she was heading to Las Vegas with her husband to renew their wedding vows and was looking for a photographer. As chance would have it, I was going to be in LA at the same time and usually pop up to Vegas for a few days. So I put myself forward and luckily she liked the idea.

They had a drive through ceremony in a pink Cadillac at The Little White Chapel because Britney had got married there. ‘Elvis’ was on hand to serenade them and I cannot tell you how much fun it was. Teaching Elvis how to do boomies on his phone might just be a life highlight for me!

We did some shots around the chapel and then jumped in their convertible with no particular plan but then in the most serendipitous manner we found ourselves on the road that leads to the Seven Magic Mountains. It’s normally packed with selfie takers but we had it all to ourselves. It was all truly magical so thanks for agreeing to have me along Rebecca + Jon, you two lovers are the best!

Baby close your eyes and listen to the music, drifting through a SUMMER BREEZE. It’s a groovy night and I can show you how to use it, come along with me and put your mind at ease …

Preston Court Outdoor Festival Wedding | Holly + Simon

Preston Court Outdoor Festival Wedding | Holly + Simon

When the lovely Holly and Simon first got in touch about their ‘festival/boho-y type wedding’ at Preston Court in Kent, I might have let out a small yelp in the office. I’d been wanting to shoot a wedding there forever. It’s such an insanely beautiful and fun wedding venue and one of the few in the UK that is currently licensed for an outdoor ceremony. I have to say it did not disappoint one little bit.

The grounds and the barns are super pretty, as is the tiny island that you get married on after you’ve crossed over a precious little bridge. But what’s really wow factor about Preston Court are the antique organs inside one of the barns. They are incredible backdrops for photos and then there’s a working Victorian Carousel that Holly and Simon led the way to after dinner so all guests could spin around on it. Someone please invite me back!

We move towards THE STARS, And all we touch becomes ours. Let’s keep warm until it’s day …

London Warehouse Wedding | Tien + Kenzo

London Warehouse Wedding | Tien + Kenzo

When Tien and Kenzo first got in touch about booking in the photography for their London Warehouse Wedding at Dilston Grove in London, here is what they said. ‘We love your style of photography. A really good mix of awesome highly editorial group shots coupled with some really great reportage style ones. In my head, I would like to shoot all the couple and group shots before all our guests arrive so we can spend as much time having fun with them as possible. We want our wedding to be a helluva party.’

Well that sounded perfect to me. So I went to where Tien was getting ready with her bridesmaids and my second shooter, Sam met up with Kenzo and his groomsmen. We all came together at the amazing Dilston Grove and started with group shots and their portraits. This did make everything after that point very relaxed and they could spend all their time with their guests. It also did make me wonder why more weddings don’t run this way?! ( Big thanks to Laura at Devine Bride – their wedding co-ordinator)


It’s the way that you know what I thought I knew, It’s the beat my HEART SKIPS when I’m with you …


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